Linux privilege Escalation Writable passwd File

We are going to deal with exploring various methods to switch the and many others/passwd file, enabling us to create or alter a consumer and grant them root privileges. It turns into essential to grasp tips on how to edit your personal consumer throughout the /and many others/passwd file when coping with privilege escalation on the compromised system. If you happen to’re , we’ve beforehand demonstrated this methodology for privilege escalation in our earlier articles.

Firstly, we must always pay attention to /and many others/passwd file in depth earlier than reaching the purpose. Inside and many others listing, we are going to get three most necessary information i.e. passwd, group, and shadow.

  • and many others/passwd: It’s a human-readable textual content file which shops info of consumer account.
  • and many others/group: It’s also a human-readable textual content file which shops group info in addition to consumer belongs to which group could be recognized by this file.
  • and many others/shadow: It’s a file that accommodates encrypted password and knowledge of the account expire for any consumer.

Author: Lucas Coletta
Date: 2023-12-15 19:52:23

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Alina A, Toronto
Alina A, Toronto
Alina A, an UofT graduate & Google Certified Cyber Security analyst, currently based in Toronto, Canada. She is passionate for Research and to write about Cyber-security related issues, trends and concerns in an emerging digital world.


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